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*Accurate REAL TRAINING and scenario exercises

*Increase MENTAL HEALTH Training


*PROVIDE uniforms and equipment

*ELIMINATE single car patrol

*Update all squad vehicles MAINTAINING SAFETY within these vehicles

*RECONSTRUCT the Office of Professional Review (OPR/Internal Affairs)

*MASS HIRING for both Civilian and Sworn Deputies

*Bring back MORALE


*STOP employee mandation

*Combine the divided 3 sections in the Sheriff's Office into ONE DEPARTMENT

*Increase SAFETY measures for all employees

*ACTUAL TESTING for specialized units

*PROVIDE FREE PARKING for Deputies assigned to Stroger Hospital and the Daley Center

*BRING BACK Commanders and Captains into a tested ranking structure (NON APPOINTED)

*REDUCE the 200+ appointed Directors

*IROCC for all retired sworn Deputies

*CHANGE employee entry restrictions for the Jail

*ALLOW employees to bring their Cell phones, have internet access, and more

*SECOND CHANCE PROGRAM - thousands of Sheriff's employees both civilian and sworn Deputies were wrongfully terminated. Let's bring them back!

*STOP the ongoing and ignored sexual harassment from pretrial detainees against the Sheriff's staff

*REGAIN CONTROL and properly allocate the Sheriff's Office budget

*Provide COMPETENCE PAY for both civilian and sworn deputies

*LOWER medical insurance cost

*FREE medical for all retired Sheriff employees

* More HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY throughout the Sheriff's Office facilities 

*Create a VETERAN fast track hiring program

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