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Enjoy the memories of all the wonderful events we attend and hosted!

Campaign Kick-Off

On this special day, I made my official announcement to the world. I Kirk J Ortiz, will step up to the plate and take a huge step and risk, knowing that I can lose it all! Enough is enough, and I have dedicated myself to the people of Cook County to make a real difference and bring back Justice for All!!!!

Dinner with Secretary White/Mr. Secretary B-Day

Secretary of State Jesse White had invited me to a private dinner with friends. Later on Mr. White invited me to his Birthday Party. He is inspiring, influential, and an outright amazing person!

Southeast Asia Art Musuem

It was my honor to be invited to the Southeast Asia Art Museum! Art has a huge impact in life, history, and a amazing form of communication and guidance. Photographer: Jonathan Michael Castillo

Puerto Rico Fest

Weeeeepaaaa!!!!!! I was able to obtain the opportunity to connect with my Puerto Rican cultural and be a part of the Humboldt Park community! (Wepa is a Puerto Rican term meaning joy and excitement)

Community Climate

Getting involved with our climate, something that can not be ignored. It is our moral obligation to be educated on climate change in order to have the ability to control and fix it now.

Jesse White Trunk Party

Big thank you to my special advisor, Mr. Secretary Jesse White, for inviting me to his Trunk Party!! This day was dedicated into giving a starter kit of necessities to first time college students. This was an honor beyond the imagination as Mr. Secretary himself believes in me and what I represent for the people of Cook County!

In Loving Memory of Ella French

As we pay our respects to fallen officer, Ella French, we should remember she gave her life to protect her community. Officers are important to our society to maintain safety for everyone.

B-Day Fund-Bash

Campaign celebrating my 36th Birthday!!

Bank the Blue Gala

LEO Suicide is REAL! The amount of pressure, stress, depression law enforcement officers intakes on the daily. It seems like there is no hope and no one to turn too. Bank the Blue strives in providing assistance to those officers. Thank you Bank the Blue

Vazquez Post

Supporting all Veterans! Thank you Vazquez post for making me a part of your family!


Orland Park Law Enforcement Officer! Experienceced a wonderful evening with retired Officers, providing me with guidance from their experiences. Thank you for your service!

Meet & Greet - El Cuaco

The food was AMAZING! Big thanks to the owners for having me meet and greet the customers within the community.

Meet & Greet - Mystic Rouge

Special thanks the owner! I was provided to meet and greet the Irish community and listen to their concerns and suggestions!

El Milagro - Dia de los muertos

Supporting our workers and people of Little Village.


Entrepreneurs and more! Supporting business growth!


A wonderful evening of friends and family!

Moe's Cantina X-Mas

Happy Holidays!

Signature KickOff

This is it!!! Let's get on the BALLOT!!!!


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesse Sullivan Public Safety

Discussing REAL issues to obtain REAL solutions!

Committee to Elect Kirk J. Ortiz
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