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**PRE-TRIAL DETAINEES are individuals who are incarcerated after being arrested. They are housed in a county correction facility and are innocent until proven guilty. The purpose is to prevent the individual from fleeing or endangering someone else. Pretrial detention is NOT a form of punishment and should not be used as a form of punishment.** 

*Implementing corrective PROGRAMS: Education with certificates/degrees, business courses, trades, job placement

*Bring back the BOOTCAMP program as it had an approximately 98% successful graduation rate.

*Fix the CLASSIFICATION system for proper housing/placement.

*Recognize and practice all RELIGION accordingly

*Implement special VETERANS programs

*MEDICAL - CERMAK HOSPITAL fix the overpopulation within CERMAK

*MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES will not be ignored

  • New dedicated mental health facilities for only mental patients

  • Dedicated specialized assistance/doctors

*DRUG ABUSE will be housed separate with dedicated counselors to assist

*OVERPOPULATION will be addressed and corrected

*PRE-TRIAL DETAINEE WORKERS PROGRAM will have equality and fairness 

*MEALS will be more nutritious and not a mystery 

*VISITS will be enhanced creating an easy process for the friends and families

*CELL CHECKS will be conducted respectfully


*Implement programs to assist FEMALE PRETRIAL DETAINEE'S who are victims of drug abuse, prostitution, and who are pregnant 

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